Create the Brilliance by Perseverance,Change the World by Power of Imagination ——The 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of Ricoh China Co., Ltd.


(January 21, 2013 – Shanghai) After a long, fruitful journey, Ricoh China Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “RCN”) joyfully ushered in its 10th anniversary today. Today in 2003, RCN held the opening ceremony at Lippo Plaza in Shanghai, marking the kickoff of the coordinated management of Ricoh’s marketing work in mainland China. As the world’s leading digital office solutions and document management services provider, Ricoh has witnessed ten years of glory along with its Chinese customers. In retrospect, Ricoh always think customers first, constantly creates new value for them with advanced technologies and excellent services, and helps them promote business and achieve success. Today, the Chinese market has occupied a very important position in Ricoh Group’s global marketing deployment, with nearly ten thousand directly-served enterprise clients developed in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and the biggest annual sales volume of up to 1.4 billion RMB. With a stable market share between 15-20% during 2011-2012 among the color-MFP market and an increasing sales performance on office solutions, Ricoh has become the ideal choice for China office users.

Ten Years of Business Development

RCN’s inaugural meeting held in 2003 swarmed with distinguished guests. The incumbent acting mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Yang Xiong and other high-level government officials attended the gathering and expressed their congratulations. The same year, RCN merged the businesses involving five major companies, namely, Gestetner China Co., Ltd., Ricoh Electronic Technology Ltd. (Shanghai), Ricoh International China Co., Ltd. Logistics Department, Shanghai Ricoh Fax Machine Ltd. Sales Department, and Ricoh China Co., Ltd. In 2004, the 1st RCN Dealers Meeting defined as a “sales strategic meeting” was successfully held. Putting forward the concept of sharing the resources of on-a-commission-basis sales and direct sales, the meeting was of great strategic significance. From 2005 to 2010, Ricoh had constantly worked out corporate guidelines and development strategies suited to the current market, continuously improved its business processes and management and thus embarked on a track of steady development. Thinking customers first, the province-covered strategy designed for dealer sales and the key-city-oriented strategy designed for MA sales have been implemented equally effectively, helping our enterprises clients realize valuable growth.

In order to promote sales and cultivate the market and realize qualitative changes, RCN launched in April 2012 its new business plan involving production printing system, A4 MFP, projector, MDS (Management Document System), ITS (IT service), and GWNX series A3 MFP. At the same time, the company also adjusted its organizational structure and established CBN departments. Upholding its innovative spirit, Ricoh has been continuously developing in the Chinese market, demonstrating its firm confidence in this market and permanent commitment to customers.

Opening ceremony of RCN in Shanghai in 2003Opening ceremony of RCN in Shanghai in 2003

Research & Development Based in China

Throughout the ten years of development in China, RCN has always attached great importance to localization while developing new products. As early as in 2003, Ricoh Company Ltd., Ricoh China Co., Ltd., Ricoh International Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Ricoh (Shenzhen) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ricoh Digital Equipment Ltd. jointly designed and developed the “Panda”-series low-speed digital copier Aficio MP 2015L, Ricoh’s first China-oriented model which has seen outstanding achievements in sales since it was launched one and a half years later in August 2005 with a view to adapting to the huge demands of the domestic market for copying. In 2006, Ricoh launched its “Great Wall”-series medium- and low-speed strategic model Aficio MP 1610L, an epoch-making, China-oriented model with copying, printing and scanning functions. In 2009, as the world’s first automatic two-face-version digital printing machine, “Cat’s Eye”-series digital printing machine DX 4640PD/CP 6340D was a further demonstration of RCN’s great strength in R&D. The same year, “Green Spirit”-series color digital MFP Aficio MP C2010/C2030, a color-office model tailored for Chinese customers, promoted the color-oriented transformation of China’s MFP market. With the launch of this model, Ricoh’s market share in the color MFP industry jumped to the second place from the original fourth, making the company a big success. In 2012, RCN revolutionarily launched its GWNX series MFP, leading a new revolution in the office model and opening a new chapter in intelligence office of Chinese customers.

Moreover, an advocator of convenience, durability and independent powder filling, SP 100-series and SP 200-series A4 monochrome MFP independently-developed, manufactured and sold in the Chinese market are also an indication of Ricoh’s grand determination to expand China’s A4 machine market with huge potential.

SP 200 series is tailor-made for China market by RCNSP 200 series is tailor-made for China market by RCN

Solutions and Document Services

With the changes in the value concept of its global customers, RCN has also actively transformed its past business model focusing on providing products and equipment to the service-oriented business model that aims to help customers solve practical problems.

In 2010, Ricoh started to launch the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solution and Total Green Office Solution (TGOS) which earned high recognition from China users for its features of high efficiency, low load, information safety and environmental-friendliness, and found itself adopted by many large national enterprises in China such as including Baosteel. In 2012, Ricoh MDS and ITS became the hotspot, which, based on flow, personnel, technology and innovation, optimizes the core business process, achieves continuous improvement, and improves enterprise performance. It can be seen that service management has increasingly become the mainstay of the projects involving printing control and documental management services.

In the past two years, RCN has also established its Tech Portal focusing on customer experience in five major Chinese cities, as well as the demonstration area for “Live Office” in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou offices to facilitate customer experience. With its unique technologies and approaches, Ricoh deals with and solves various simulated problems that its enterprise customers may encounter, and shares its experience in mobile office, document management, output security, and remote diagnosis while demonstrating the essences of its solutions and IT services in the most intuitive and vivid manner.

Leading with “Environmental Management”

The ten years of RCN is a “green” decade. Following the slogan of “Our Earth, Our Tomorrow”, RCN has adhered to the orientation of making contributions to environmental protection and environmental management. In 2010, Ricoh realized less than 10 seconds for restoration in the energy-saving model of its color MFP and began to sell this product which helps customers save electric consumption by more than 80%. In terms of parts production, Ricoh has long been committed to reducing the environmental load caused throughout the process of the life cycle of its products, and to lowering costs by reducing the thickness of the materials used, recycling and introducing efficient equipment. Furthermore, Ricoh also launched a series of environmentally friendly solutions such as TGOS, and initiated the corporate environmental diagnosis system. While providing all kinds of products and services that can help realize the overall energy efficiency in offices and institutions, Ricoh proved with practice that both environmentally and economically beneficial is possible. Inside the company, RCN has established a complete recycling and processing system for waste products, and conscientiously carried out electricity- and energy-saving, and less-paper activities. In 2011, Ricoh Shanghai and Beijing offices took the lead in the industry in realizing “zero waste” in the office.

Its unremitting efforts are just the things that have made RCN who it is today. In 2012, RCN won a series of environmental awards including the “Outstanding Enterprises Award for 2012 China Sustainable Development” issued by The Economic Observer, “China Low-Carbon Pioneer Enterprises Award” issued by 21 Century Business Herald, and the “2012 Best CSR Award” issued by IT Times Weekly.

RCN office of todayRCN office of today

“RCN ushered in its 10th anniversary, which is not only an occasion to review the past, but also a new starting point for the next ten years. We have made lots of milestone achievements, and now is the best time for us to step once again on the track for growth. Driven by the brand essence of “imagine. change”, RCN will continue to make innovations and reforms and create a more beautiful and successful future together with our Chinese customers.” President of RCN, Mr. Tsujita Kiyoshi said with confidence.

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