Ricoh PJ Projectors Launch & RCN – Digital China Contract Signing Ceremony


 (December 23, 2011, Beijing) Recently, the world-leading digital office solutions provider Ricoh (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "RCN") and China’s largest integrated IT services provider Digital China Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "DC") held a joint press conference on the launch of Ricoh PJ projectors & RCN – DC signing ceremony in Beijing. Kiyoshi Tsujita, General Manager of RCN, and Wang Peinuan, Vice President of DC and President of DC Business Strategy, attended the signing ceremony.

Cutting-edge projector technologies

As a world-leading digital office solutions provider, Ricoh has been very active in the field of projectors. Its 3LCD projector optical engines have long dominated the projector market and been widely used in most of the world's 3LCD projectors. In response to the market trends and technological development, Ricoh decided to emerge from behind the scenes. It expects to create new values for the customers by providing all-round office products and solutions.

"We intend to take advantage of our technological accumulation in the field of projectors and provide the customers with more convenient and efficient user experience," said Kiyoshi Tsujita. According to him, the current office process mainly relies on analog information exchange in the forms of verbal conversation, whiteboard, paper, memo and other traditional media of communication, which is not conducive to the connection between the links of work flow. With the help of cloud computing, the office environment will go highly digital, and imaging technology will be used for group work. Data can be perfectly transmitted for either creative or routine tasks, making free office a reality. In keeping with the trend of smart office, Ricoh draws upon the cloud computing technology and develops a new area of real-time imaging office to meet the customers’ needs at any time and any place.

Mr.Kiyoshi Tsujita delivering a speech about RCN's strategy on projectorsMr.Kiyoshi Tsujita delivering a speech about RCN's strategy on projectors

PJ projetors launch eventPJ projetors launch event

In addition, as part of its pursuit of technological excellence, Ricoh is actively developing innovative and environment-friendly products. It hopes to combine office equipment with network to reduce paper consumption and help build a green office environment. This chimes with DC’s "Smart City" strategy: to enhance people's happiness, economic prosperity and social harmony by using better technologies and integrated IT services. RCN and DC reached a cooperation agreement based on common ideas and understanding of the Chinese market.

Powerful combination to create a new pattern in the projector industry

The projector market in China has become fiercely competitive in recent years. However, it also has been growing more rapidly than any other part of the world. The million-level market capacity and two-digit growth rate have caused many projector manufacturers to increase their investment in China. The statistics from IDC show that the total shipments in China's projector market are expected to reach 1.67 million in 2011, about 30% increase year on year. The annual compound growth rate will reach 17.1% in the next five years. It is predictable that China will become the world's largest projector market in 2015.

Impressed by the enormous business opportunities, RCN set up a special team to work with DC in developing the Chinese market. Of the projectors sold in China, 50% are LCD products and the other 50% are DLP. However, because of DLP products’ rising popularity among end users, their more competitive average price as well as the rapid development of DLP technology in recent years, the market share of DLP products will continue to rise. Therefore, this time RCN will firstly launch its DLP projectors.

The three products in the new PJ series, PJ S2130, PJ X2130 and PJ WX2130, incorporate Ricoh’s well-developed projection technology, noted for powerful functions and great usability. This series uses Texas Instruments' DLP Brilliant Color technology, presenting high-contrast, clear and bright imaging. The MTBF exceeds 12,000 hours, making the products suitable for long-term use. They are also characterized by quick start, automatic setup and easy operation.

RCN & Digital China signed a contract about projetors distributionRCN & Digital China signed a contract about projetors distribution

paper-less meeting demopaper-less meeting demo

At the press conference, RCN gave a demonstration of paperless meeting and interactive meeting, both signifying the latest developments in digital projection. "Ricoh PJ projectors will facilitate a change in the means of office communication from paper to imaging and provide enterprises with more pioneering and more efficient office solutions," said Mr. Kiyoshi Tsujita. "With advanced optical, network technologies and sophisticated ultra-short-focus projection technology, Ricoh projectors show great advantages over similar products. In the future, we will provide multi-level customized products ranging from starter to high-end so as to meet the users’ diverse needs. As a leader in the digital office industry, Ricoh has a large customer base. Its multiple marketing channels and remarkable outsourcing capabilities will provide all-round support for projector sales and services and give the customers greater confidence."

DC Vice President Wang Peinuan also showed great confidence in this cooperation. He said, "DC is China’s largest integrated IT services provider. Its wide network coverage and outstanding distribution capabilities will help expose Ricoh projectors to more users and expand their market share in China. On the other hand, as the 'Smart City' strategy is carried out, we fully integrate the local and terminal products based on customer demands and provide a complete package of IT infrastructure and solutions to help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are convinced that with joint efforts Ricoh projectors will open up a blue-ocean area in today's red-sea market and bring both parties closer to their goals."

Despite the continued global economic recession, the projector market in China still has maintained a high growth rate in 2011. For RCN, projectors will be one of its main businesses in the future. How well they perform in the China will have a direct impact on its global strategy. RCN’s entry into China’s projector market is aiming at using DC's resources to build its sales channels, realizing Ricoh’s goal of 10% among global market share at less cost, and playing an important role in the projector market.

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