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Color Multifunctionals

Simplify complex jobs with a handy touch & swipe operation panel

Get the most from your office space and benefit from a quick, lasting return on your investment with Ricoh’s new smart A4 colour MFPs. Designed for fast operation and easy integration with your existing document workflows, this MFP series features a large, intuitive control panel that’s as simple and convenient to use as a tablet, combined with the ability to handle many of the functionalities and workflows of a large A3 MFP. But these MFPs do more than enhance productivity. They eliminate the need for you to invest in extra space for the functionalities you need. Their small footprint and quiet operation mean they can be placed anywhere without distracting employees or interrupting meetings. And to help you save even more costs, while reducing your carbon footprint, Ricoh has made them amazingly energy-efficient.


•  Easy to use: intuitive tablet-style operation
•  Productive: seamless integration into your document workflows, saving time and costs
•  Space-saving: more functionality from your valuable office space
•  Energy-efficient: reduced electricity costs and environmental impact
•  Quiet: can be placed anywhere without disturbing meetings or employees


媒体建议价: 33,900元





  • 彩色复印
  • 彩色打印
  • 彩色扫描
Optimal use of office space
Office space is expensive so you don’t want to set a large portion of it aside for printing/ scanning. Ricoh’s new colour MFPs have the smallest footprint in their range, but are packed with functionalities and solutions. They’re designed to work quietly in the background, so you can place them close to workstations without disturbing day-to-day work.
Fast results
Ricoh’s new colour MFPs deliver up to 40 ppm in black & white, while also fulfilling your colour printing and connectivity needs. Their standard configuration and large operating panel make them easy to use with software solutions. The larger screen size is also perfect for workflow-enhancing apps like Quick Copy.
Easy with apps
The new 10.1-inch soft-key panel is designed for easy, intuitive operation. Its multi-touch interface allows you to flick, pinch, drag and drop, just as on a smartphone or tablet. It is also easy to install convenient apps and Ricoh Smart Device Connector (for simple, one-touch connection with a smart device). You can even print and scan from your smart device.
Savings throughout
A short recovery time, blank sheet printing control and class-leading energy efficiency cut your costs and environmental impact. You can also economise through device management capabilities often only found on A3 machines. By centralising quota settings for users and groups, you can avoid excessive printing. You are sure to notice significant time, space and energy savings!