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MP C3503SP

Color Multifunctionals

Enjoy a hyper-efficient workplace

Transform your enterprise's office productivity with Ricoh's MP C3503SP colour multifunction printers. Improve workflow efficiency through fast, high-quality printing and comprehensive paper handling features. Print image-rich documents in large numbers like a professional by making full use of their sophisticated colour management, terrific colour matching, and top-quality output.


•  High image quality
•  Versatile paper handling
•  Fast and productive
•  Versatile finishing options
•  Environmentally responsible


媒体建议价: 160,480元





  • 彩色复印
  • 彩色打印
  • 彩色扫描
  • Fax(传真)
Professional quality printing
Superb text and image reproduction make these devices ideal for everyday document needs as well as for more complex print jobs. The evenness of toner density and the vibrancy and stability of colours – even when you print/ copy images continuously – will enable you to produce stunning output.
Flexibility in paper handling
Print on SRA3 paper to display crop marks for proofing: a great value-added feature. Use feedstock up to 300 g/m² (simplex) or 256 g/m² (duplex). Save time by printing envelopes directly from the standard second paper tray instead of needing an optional envelope feeder.
A new level of productivity
The innovative features of the MP C3003SP is guaranteed to revolutionise your office productivity. Fast print, copy and scan speeds are complemented by comprehensive finishing possibilities. And the high-spec E-22C colour controller improves RIP productivity of even the most sophisticated print jobs.
Print quickly to save time
This multi function device (MFD) print at speeds up to 35 cpm. Warm-up time is a mere 19 seconds, and first copy times are 4.6 seconds (B/W) and 7.1 seconds (full colour). The device takes only 5.6 seconds to recover from sleep mode, ensuring they are ready to print when you want them to.
Improve finishing efficiency
A large variety of finishing options is available. The internal finisher saves space and is able to punch and staple. Add one of the two booklet finishers for a professional touch or opt for the 1,000-sheet booklet or staple finishers. Punch kits are also available and posters can be printed easily with the Poster Printing function.
Accelerate your workflow
Cut the time you need to look for documents by searching for specific words with the Searchable PDF function. Improve your productivity by sending Searchable PDF files to email, folders and external media (SD/ USB). Copy the front and back sides of an ID card onto one sheet by using ID Card Copy. This saves considerable paper and time.
Improve your RIP productivity
Connecting seamlessly with the MP C3003SP, the highspec E-22C colour controller integrates the latest FS100 Fiery platform. This, together with a high-performance 2.9GHz Intel processor, 2GB memory and a powerful 500GB HDD will improve your RIP productivity for complex print jobs.
Ease your workload
Command WorkStation 5 includes the Job Center for job management, and the Device Center for server management. Enhance your effi ciency by viewing jobs being spooled, processed or printed. Use Preview tools to simplify document creation, and organize documents from one fi le to another, regardless of application or platform.
Exceptional imaging
For superb spot colour optimization, these devices come with Pantone Plus as well as standard cloud printing capabilities (EFI PrintMe), and a 3D visual workspace with Fiery VUE. Wirelessly print to Fiery controllers from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without installing any applications.
Maximum security
Passwords and user authentication prevent unauthorized printing or copying of documents. PDF/A information security and electronic document archiving standards further safeguard your documents. While enhanced encryption levels enhance the level of device security.
Save energy and cut CO2 emissions
At Ricoh we help you lower your environmental footprint. The MP C3003SP incorporates environmentally responsible bioplastics and electric furnace steel in some components. A power on/ off timer improves device availability and helps reduce Total Electricity Consumption (TEC) values to among the lowest in this segment. In addition, these environmentally responsible MFD is Energy Star compliant. This means less CO2 is produced in providing the energy needed to run them.
Create a more comfortable office
This device is so quiet in use that you’ll hardly notice them. In sleep mode, fans shut down when possible to reduce noise to zero. During recovery from sleep mode, initial movements of components are minimal to further reduce noise levels. The builtin duplex unit saves space and reduces the footprint of these devices, which therefore takes up minimal valuable office space.